Duckbill 101
What is Duckbill?

Duckbill is a personal assistant platform for everyone to tackle the most dreaded everyday tasks by anticipating needs, surfacing results personally catered to member tastes and preferences, and executing on their behalf. By combining expert humans plus AI, Duckbill offers a service that gives real people real help.

What kind of things can you help me with?

Think of us as your trusted partner who you count on to always problem solve. Let us know what you need and we’ll aim to get it done. If your task requires an expert (like a wedding planner, travel advisor, or accountant), we’ll hook you up with the right person to get the job done. Want to see what we’re best at? Check out our directory!

Can you help me with job-related tasks, or my kid’s homework?

Sadly, we’re not set up to support your business or do your job for you, and please don’t ask us to do homework! But if you need referrals to labor agencies or tutors, we’ve got you covered.

Can you reach out to my family and friends to move tasks along? 

In general, we reach out to vendors, not family and friends.  While we’re more than happy to add family members, nannies, or other caretakers to calendar invites, we’ll leave the personal matters of coordination to you. 

Our Household membership is a perfect solution so your family can enjoy Duckbill, too!

Can I integrate my Outlook or iCal?

We primarily work with Google Calendar for our scheduling integration, and can sync iCal or Outlook to your Google Calendar account, but we won’t be able to create or edit events within those calendars.

Who has visibility into the information I’m sharing?

Your data is safely stored and accessed by our copilot team only when required for your tasks. All of our copilots are background checked, and the entire Duckbill team takes your security seriously. Our privacy policy goes into more detail.

Do you have an app?

Yes, we do! We have an iOS app and Android app.

How much does it cost?

We offer different levels of monthly membership to cater to various lifestyles, families, and needs:

Individual, $99/month: Covers one account. Ideal for straight-forward, non-urgent tasks.

Household, $149/month: Includes all individual tier benefits, plus one additional seat to share with a partner, caretaker, or anyone else in your household.

VIP, $449/month: All tasks receive priority response time and oversight from expert copilots, plus enhanced services like comprehensive travel planning. You also get the ability to schedule unlimited 1:1 calls with a copilot to discuss any extra complex tasks you may have. This tier accommodates up to two seats for people within your household.

What is the turnaround time?

Feel free to submit a task at any point — whether while you’re doom-scrolling at 2 am or out for your early Saturday morning jog. We’ll always get back to you as soon as possible, but certainly by the next business day!

How long does it take for you to complete a task?

We will always get back to you by the next business day, but the full task completion may vary. If for any reason it will take longer (i.e we are waiting to hear back from your favorite plumber), we will let you know.

What if something goes wrong with a vendor?

We will make it right! Your trust is our highest priority, so we will always work with the vendor to find a resolution. We also have a growing directory of trusted partners to lean on to ensure tasks go smoothly for everyone involved.

How can I submit tasks?

You can submit tasks through our iOS or web app, plus email and SMS. Feel free to include images, screenshots, or voice notes as an attachment in your task submission, as well.

How do I get started?

Sign up for Duckbill here, where you’ll select your membership tier and take a short quiz so we can get to know you. We’ll guide you through each step from there.

Can I gift Duckbill?

Yes! Duckbill gift cards are versatile, thoughtful, and a unique way to give the gift of a personal assistant to anyone who could use some support! (That’s everyone.) Gift the magic of “done” here: www.duckbill.ai/giftcards

What if I need something urgently (either a new task or follow-up on an existing task, such as a critical delivery that never arrived)?

We’ll always get back to you by the next business day, if not sooner. If you anticipate having time sensitive tasks frequently, our VIP membership tier might be for you!

How do I get the most out of my membership?

Great question! Scroll our Directory to get an idea of what we do best, and see what other members are asking for through our Feed. You can also set up a call with our team to ask any questions you have. We’re here for you! Members will also receive guidance every step of the way as soon as they sign up. 

Let us get to know you while you get to know us. Duckbill works best when it’s a habit, so let’s get started.

How can I manage my Duckbill notifications?

You can access your notification options in your settings by clicking the gear icon on web or in your dashboard on our iOS app. You can adjust notifications for SMS, email, and push notifications.

Safety and Security
Do you have access to my credit card?

Our copilot team cannot view your credit card information directly. We use Stripe as our payment processor to securely store your credit card information. More details around our privacy policy can be found here.

What security measures do you have in place to protect my sensitive information?

Duckbill often acts as an extension of you to complete your tasks, which sometimes involves logins and passwords. We always use a secure information sharing process to do this safely and securely. Information is stored securely using modern encryption standards, and you are free at any time to request we delete anything you've shared.

Is there anything the copilots can’t do?

Every Duckbill member has unique needs, like you! But, there are some limits to where we can jump in. In-person tasks, complex, best-left-to-a-pro tasks, your job (or your homework!), anything illegal or unethical, and large transactions over $2,500 are unfortunately out of our scope. Learn more about this on our blog.

Do I have a dedicated copilot?

Every Duckbill member has a whole team of copilots behind the screen to make sure we're equipped to cover all types of tasks and maintain a timely turnaround.

Who is completing the tasks?

Our chaos-organizing copilots can see ahead and do-ahead for you, so you can actually let go a little – without anything getting dropped. Our entire team is fully background checked, and meets our high ethical and professional standards.