Anonymous Duckbill users record a notable episode in their Duckbill experience - with love and gratitude to NYMag's Sex Diaries for the inspo and years of entertainment.


7:30am: It's one of those mornings where I'm jolted awake by more than just my alarm. I'm on my period, and today of all days, I have an important strategy meeting. I mentally calculate the time blocks when I can sneak out to change my tampon, hoping it won't distract me from the critical discussions ahead.

10am: Halfway through the meeting, I'm scribbling notes, but my mind keeps drifting to the nagging worry of a leak, internally clock-watching, calculating the next bathroom break… 

1pm: Over lunch with a good friend, I casually mention my dilemma. Her response is immediate and enthusiastic about period underwear. "You'll feel so much more carefree," she assures me. Could this be the solution to days like this? I'm curious but immediately dismiss the thought. "Maybe later," I tell myself, knowing full well my browser history is no place for that exploration. 

9pm: After a draining day, I finally collapse on my sofa. The mental note about period underwear is buried under the day's fatigue, and I fall asleep without revisiting it.


9am: As I sip my morning cup at work, I open LinkedIn to catch up on industry news and spot an article about Duckbill, a personal assistant app touted for its discretion and thorough research. A reminder of yesterday's conversation hits me.This could be the answer I've been looking for.

11am: Between meetings, I quickly download Duckbill and type out my request: "Find the best period underwear options." The simplicity of it feels like a small victory amidst a hectic day.

7pm: Finally home, I see a notification from Duckbill. They've sent a comprehensive list of period underwear, complete with reviews and ratings. I browse through the options, impressed at the variety and detail, and a little excited at the prospect of more worry-free periods. Best part? No awkward searches, no raised eyebrows from IT. This is exactly what I needed.


8am: A package is waiting for me as I leave for work — the period underwear I ordered. The packaging is inconspicuous, and I'm eager to test the product to see if it lives up to the hype.

12pm: At lunch, I find myself more relaxed and present than usual. Handling personal matters without it leaking into my work life (pun-intended) has lifted a burden I hadn't fully grasped. 

9pm: As I prepare for bed, I think about how Duckbill has subtly changed my approach to personal to-dos. It's not just about the period underwear; it's about having the freedom to manage all aspects of my life on my terms. In the fast-paced world of executive decision-making, it's the little things that often make the biggest difference. This service might just be my new best-kept secret. 

I'm already thinking of what to inquire about next. Maybe natural supplements to help me manage stress better or a highly-rated personal trainer in my area?

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