Since we launched Duckbill four months ago to tackle people’s most dreaded tasks, we’ve checked off thousands of to dos off of hundreds of lists. The more we do, the more we’re learning about how best to get it done. As we turn to 2024, we started thinking:  what are the most distinct trends we’ve seen across all those nagging items? Sure enough, our day-to-day tasks tell a story about modern American life, with each state contributing its own chapter. 

From the health-conscious Californians and Louisianans flair for fashion to Iowa’s penchant for design and Texas’ taste for the good life, there are some distinct differences amidst our common thread: the desire to make the most of our time. 

Here’s a peek at ten of the top tasks grabbing the spotlight across the country:

  1. Fur and human babies dominate to-dos in Arizona, where researching and purchasing baby and pet goods is the most popular request. Across the desert, people are going gaga over swaddles and leashes – and we love being your informed shopping spree sidekick.
  2. Is it any surprise that health reigns supreme on the West Coast? We saw a surge in scheduling health-related appointments across California alongside researching doctors who are covered by specific insurers. We’re proud to be your ally in making sure you get – and stay! – well.
  3. Georgia peaches are party planning with events and experiences dominating their task charts. The state’s social calendar is bustling and we love to lend a hand by orchestrating everything from Atlanta's grand galas to intimate gatherings in the heart of Savannah.
  4. Iowa’s embracing home aesthetics, with furniture and home goods leading their tasks. We get to play virtual interior designer, helping members create cozy, stylish havens in the heartland.
  5. Louisiana’s festive flair drives their day to day, with searches for apparel and accessories leading task lists for Mardi Gras’ homestate. We so enjoy being your digital fashion guru to help members embody the vibrant essence of Louisiana's style scene.
  6. In Maryland, it’s all about keeping kiddos busy, with camp and after school activity topping the list. We love jumping in as your ultimate enrichment planner, ensuring your little ones have the best experiences.
  7. New Yorkers are more caring than their hard-charged reputations let on, with research on kiddo, elderly and pet care taking first place on their requests.
  8. Texas’ taste for a good time comes through loud and clear with food and restaurants coming in first on their task lists. From tracking down the best BBQ to modern culinary experiments, we love being the Lone Star state’s gourmand guide.
  9. Virginians are on the move, with Duckbill as their logistic guru, ensuring every plane, train and automobile experience is seamless.
  10. Real estate is Wisconsin’s task MVP. That's right, amidst the dairy farms and football fields, we’re playing listing wingman for Wisconsinites.

So, the next time you're pondering over your to-do list, remember, you're not alone. There's a whole country out there, checking off their lists, one task at a time, with a little help from our friend, Duckbill.

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